This Trick Lets You Write Unlimited Text on Snapchat


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Problem: Snapchat constrains your literary genius to a single line of text. That's not nearly enough space. You have lots to say, dammit!
Solution: This nifty little Snapchat finagle lets you write as much text as you can possibly fit onto a Snap. It's game changing. 

P.S. This is an iPhone-specific Snapchat hack. It might work on your non-iOS device, but no promises.


Step 1

Open a new sheet in a word-processing app like Apple Notes, and hit the return key a bunch of times. Select-All the blank space you've created, and hit Copy.

Step 2

Open Snapchat. Take a snap, tap the text button, then hold down until you see the Paste option pop up. Note: this step must be done in Snapchat's default text setting (the one that puts a single translucent bar across the screen).

Step 3

If you did it right, you will now see a larger-than-normal translucent black band across your screen. Nice! Tap the top of that band to locate your cursor, then type whatever you want up top.

Step 4

When you run out of typing room on your first line, tap the black band again to relocate your cursor on a different line. Write the text you'd like to appear on that line, and so on.

Step 5

You can adjust the space between your lines by deleting carriage returns between them. Watch out: you can't hit return in Snapchat, so if you delete a line and want to add it back in, you'll have to start over.

Step 6

Once your text is all set, you can tap the text button again to make the copy large (tap once for left-aligned, twice for centered). Pinch and expand just like you normally would, but remember -- if you want to add more copy, you'll have to toggle the text back to the black-band setting.
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