The Most Entertaining People to Follow on Snapchat

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As much as we love Snapchat, it doesn't exactly make it easy to find new people to follow -- especially if you're looking for homegrown talent and wacky creatives instead of already-famous celebrities. In fact, it's pretty damn hard. To keep your feed 100-emoji, we've put together this handy list of the best non-celeb Snapchatters putting out hilarious stories, impressive illustrations, and behind-the-scenes content that you're gonna want to get in on. (We'll be updating this list periodically, so if you follow a Snapper who belongs on it, let us know in the comments or on Twitter!)

Georgio.Copter snapchat

Real name: Georgio Bassil
Expertise: Drawing detailed, Monsters Inc.-esque creatures, then "animating" them
Biggest on: Snapchat  

Real name: Kate McCulley
Expertise: World travel, convincing you it's a great idea to quit your job and become a traveling blogger
Biggest on:Facebook

Real name: Danny Berk
Expertise: Making you feel sort of like a semi-professional surfer by bringing you into his life as a semi-professional surfer. So like, travel and stuff.
Biggest on: Snapchat

ImNickRobertson on Snapchat

Real name: Nick Robertson
Expertise: Lots of high-energy slapstick comedy, fun audience involvement (like the time he acted out a bunch of movie scenes suggested by his fans)
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Sallia Goldstein
Expertise: Science-minded, painting-style illustrations from a funny engineer by trade
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Cailin O'Neil
Expertise: Quirky, sincere, and very Canadian storytelling sprawled out across continents
Biggest on: Snapchat

Chris Monachino Snapchat

Real name: Chris Monachino
Expertise: Informal, well-produced narratives with a nod towards making your life easier and possibly even healthier (he's a CrossFit trainer by day)
Biggest on:Snapchat

Real name: [Unknown]
Expertise: Interactive stories such as "What's That Tune Tuesdays" (in which she sings part of a song for her audience to guess), strong drawing skills
Biggest on:Snapchat

Real name: Brock Groombridge
Expertise: Daily Snap Stories with lots of snaps from exotic locales around the world and an oddball sense of humor
Biggest on: Snapchat


Real name: Mike Platco
Expertise: Crazy-detailed illustrations, amazing stories (sometimes featuring his dogs), reenacting Home Alone for a three-day Snapchat holiday special
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Branden Harvey
Expertise: Badass photography, travel (both in the US and abroad), overwhelming positivity, having fantastic hair
Biggest on:Instagram

Real name: Frankie Greek
Expertise: Passionate commentary about social media and Internet culture, narrative storytelling, keeping it 100
Biggest on:Snapchat

sayhop on Snapchat

Real name: Sara Hopkins
Expertise: Sketches, one-off jokes, taking you behind the scenes with an #influencer
Biggest on:Vine

Real name: Evan Garber
Expertise: Insanely intricate illustrations, narrative storytelling, being a goofball
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Shaun McBride
Expertise: Illustration, creative narratives, snapping while he snowboards
Biggest on:Snapchat


Real name: Audrey Spencer
Expertise: Illustrations of the SnapCats -- i.e., her cats in hilariously detailed scenes
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Cyrene Quiamco
Expertise: Vibrant illustrations, narrative storytelling from the life of a Snapchat influencer
Biggest on:Snapchat

Real name: [Anonymous Norwegian]
Expertise: Illustrations, dry humor, generally bringing "the smiles"
Biggest on: Snapchat

YesJulz on Snapchat

Real name: Julieanna Goddard 
Expertise: Outrageous partying-throwing, intimate behind-the-scenes access, brutal honesty
Biggest on: Instagram and SoundCloud

Real name: Kym Perfetto
Expertise: Motivational fitness snaps, SoulCycle instruction
Biggest on: YouTube

Real name: Tristan de Burgh
Expertise: Narrative storytelling, "choose-your-own-adventure"-style stories, actually watchable #branded content
Biggest on: Snapchat

markowitzH on Snapchat

Real name: Harris Markowitz
Expertise: Narrative storytelling, stop-motion innovation, looking like a weird Ben Stiller/Bradley Cooper mash-up
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Christine Mi
Expertise: Illustration, especially of herself in classic paintings and scenes
Biggest on: Snapchat

Real name: Stephen Perini
Expertise: Hilarious character play with the lenses
Biggest on: Snapchat

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