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The Best Websites For Wasting Time When This Should Be A Summer Friday

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Daniel Restrepo/Thrillist

Editorial Assistant’s Note:Hey. I wasn’t supposed to write this, but my boss decided to blow off work and take a Summer Friday… in Bermuda. “Summer Fridays can be more than just a long lunch -- I’m going to an island,” is what she told me right before she hopped a cab to the Delta Terminal, leaving me here to write a piece about, of all things, Summer Fridays. Is that ironic? I don’t know, I’m just an Editorial Assistant. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story as much as she’s enjoying herself.

At a certain point in the week, most people start to give up on being productive. This usually occurs sometime on a beautiful Friday during the summer, when (just a suggestion) you should really have a  half day. But don’t feel too bad about taking a break to browse the internet -- breaks make for more effective workers after all. With that in mind, here are our top websites for killing some time on what SHOULD be a Summer Friday:

Streaming TV (secretly)

If you’re lucky enough to have your own streaming TV login and aren’t just mooching off your old roommate’s, you can always login at work. This one will require some subtlety, since you can’t really get away with straight-up bingeing ‘90s sitcoms when you should be updating spreadsheets. But with a bit of resizing browser screens and repositioning, you’ll be able to hammer out an entire season before you know it.

Recipe video sites

Sure, they may endlessly clog your newsfeed, but these suckers are here to stay. Whittle away the hours left before you can head home by indulging in an endless series of recipe videos. Protip: we make the best ones. You, too, can envision yourself making cheesy jalapeño bread (and then totally never end up doing it.)

Websites that give the illusion that you are actually working

If the internet has given us anything, it’s a zillion ways to procrastinate at work while not getting in trouble. It turns out there’s a whole suite of websites designed to make whatever you’re browsing look like work. If you’re a coder, check out CodeReddit, which serves up Reddit disguised as code. Or try the brilliant CantYouSeeImBusy, a collection of flash games that look like excel spreadsheets, quarterly reports, and the like.

Disguised celeb gossip sites

In the same vein as the “look like you’re working” category, perhaps you want to do some article browsing on your Friday. Nothing heavy, just the usual celebrity gossip and facebook clickbait -- but you don’t want to get called out by snooping coworkers. Check out Timesify, a plug-in to make any website look like The New York Times. We won’t be offended if you browse Thrillist this way.

Disjointed Wikipedia articles

We’ve all been there: you’re staring at the pen in your hand and thinking “How does a ballpoint pen even work?” and then twenty minutes later you’re looking at the Wikipedia page about chupacabras. The Internet black hole is a real, but at least when you’re procrastinating at work you end up learning things. Be sure to check out the list of mysteries for some truly bizarre reading.

Instagrams of photogenic pets

By now, most people know Marnie the dog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend another 20 minutes looking at all her pictures again. No matter your pup of choice, there’s an abundant supply of insta-famous dogs, cats, and llamas for you to peruse before you get called out for being on your phone.

Daniel Restrepo/Thrillist

Cat videos

It’s tough to beat the classics. The internet was founded on a bedrock of funny cat videos, and it’s important to keep that tradition alive. There are few things that are less educational, productive, or important than spending an entire hour watching cat hijinks, but you can’t really be expected to be productive on a Friday afternoon anyway.

Travel blogs

The peak hours for wanderlust are between 3 and 5 pm on a Friday, so travel blogs are the perfect way to finish off your work week. This way, you can see beautiful beaches and exotic locales without the first-hand jealousy that comes from scrolling through your awful friend’s Instagram. Plus, browsing travel sites can help you plan better for when they actually do let you out of that office. The weekend awaits!