Tinder's New Apple TV App Is the Ultimate Party Game

Letting your friends Tinder for you is pretty standard behavior these days, but with the launch of the dating app on Apple TV it's now possible to turn the exercise into a fun group activity, by broadcasting your potential matches to an entire room up on the big screen.

Prepare for game nights to get a little weird.

The app functions much the same on Apple TV as it does on your phone, only you use the touch-sensitive remote to scroll through headshots (or sometimes ab shots) of would-be matches and swipe right or left. Of course, since they're on a much bigger screen, pics are blown up and may not look as great as they do in your palm.

When you match with someone, you'll see the familiar congrats screen, but to initiate a conversation you'll need to take things back to the app on your phone -- a welcome protection against overzealous friends or roommates with terrible game and awful instincts for what makes for a good opening line. Though if you're like 99% of people on Tinder, knowing how to message someone doesn't really matter, since you probably have no intention of ever sending one.

Happy hunting!

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Anyone for a game of Tinder Bingo?