The Wildly Inappropriate Places People Are Finding Pokémon

three screenshots of people playing pokemon go in inappropriate places
Screenshots via iOS/Oren Aks/Thrillist

By now, you've undoubtedly spotted people swarming around random locations, eyes glued to their phone screens, playing Pokémon Go. You may even be one of them. And since the game is now officially more popular than porn, this may be the new norm.

However,  that doesn't mean we can abandon all sense of tact and common decency in our rabid quest to "catch 'em all." 

The game pulls from a database of historically significant locations in order to decide where to place Poké Stops. A lot of these are somber landmarks and otherwise super-secure sites that, for the love of all that is (literally) holy and prudent, you should probably not play Pokémon Go near. Here are a few egregious examples we've seen thus far:

Memorials for various tragedies

Churches that are literally in the middle of a funeral


The Holocaust Memorial Museum and Auschwitz

Black Lives Matter protests

Police stations

Strip clubs and gay bathhouses

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist who's had just about enough of this Pokémon Go madness.