Winter is the perfect time of year for culinary wizardry. More time indoors means more time spent with friends, who didn’t trek all the way to your place for takeout. You can do better, and to help, we’ve rounded up the best kitchen gear to get your hands on right now.

Spice pen

Obsessed with sending the right message? Check out the CinniBird spice pen, which allows you to draw using whichever spice you choose. Finally, you too can recreate your favorite Garfield cartoons using ground saffron! Fair warning: that would be weird.

Sous vide cooker

Sous vide cooking has taken over the Modernist cooking world as the method du jour. Basically, it slow-soaks your meat in a warm water bath, giving you perfectly cooked dishes with minimal clean-up. New sous vide devices (like this Anova model) have hit the market in recent years, making it easier than ever for amateurs to get into the game.


The Spherificator makes it possible to turn any liquid into tiny, caviar-like bubbles. The uses are pretty much endless, from making toppings for bruschetta to creating Tabasco “caviar.” If you can’t stop drinking bubble tea like it’s going out of style, get one of these and transition to an all-sphere diet.


Lexus Sriracha IS

The real hottest gadget this year is a little bit big for the kitchen. The Lexus Sriracha IS takes technological perfection and turns up the heat with a custom design inspired by the beloved hot sauce, plus all of the performance and luxury you expect from a Lexus IS. Find out more about this unique collaboration here.

Kitchen storage that has your back

If your roommate keeps buying wasabi peas but they keep mysteriously disappearing, consider this the solution. This kitchen safe has a time-set lock, which aids self control, and protects the last of the banana guacamole from being pilfered. No matter who you are in this scenario, we bet you could use one.

Mini donut factory

Mini donut factory. If those three words don’t get you through the winter, nothing will. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a small machine that cooks up adorable mini donuts. This is the perfect kitchen addition for anyone who falls in the middle of the Venn diagram between donut lovers and fans of mini things (AKA every single human on the planet.)

Bottle loft

One of those inventions that makes you think, “How did we not think of this ‘till now?” The bottle loft uses magnets to elevate bottles and free up space in your fridge. Alternatively, you can put them under your desk, on your ceiling… magnets, man, what can’t they do?

Oreo dipping spoon

Want to dip an Oreo into milk, but the glass is too narrow to accommodate your stubby fingers? Ok, admittedly this is a niche problem, but this Oreo dipping spoon allows you to dip the entire cookie in one go, and eat it like an aristocrat. Pick up a set of five for that friend who’s tried all the flavors, even the weird ones.

Latte art milk gun

Say it with me now: 800 Instagram likes, easy. That’s what sick latte-foam art gets you these days. And it’s easier to make than ever with this foamed-milk “gun,” with which you can draw adorable milk-foam cats (or whatever else your heart, and Instagram audience, desires).

Double breakfast sandwich maker

The breakfast sandwich maker is a brilliant, underappreciated kitchen gadget that cooks an egg and sausage at the same time it toasts an English muffin. But you know what’s better than one breakfast sandwich maker? Two breakfast sandwich makers. If you give this to someone you see in the mornings, they may reward you with their second breakfast sandwich, so this thing pretty much pays for itself.

Insane meat tenderizer/injector

If you find yourself violently tenderizing meat and thinking, “Ya know, this isn’t quite gruesome enough for me,” this marinade injector is for you. It injects meat with a marinade while beating the meat to a pulp, allowing you to take out your anger at 2016 in a delicious way.

Waffle-bowl maker

Why eat from plates when you could just eat the plate instead? This waffle bowl-maker turns batter or dough into perfectly crafted edible kitchenware, which you can argue is more eco-friendly than washing dishes, or something. Does it matter? You’re eating out of a waffle!



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