Neil Young Wants To Sell You A Hi-Fi MP3 Player

Can a legendary Canadian musician make you buy a pricey iPod replacement? Neil Young is damn well trying. Shilling the PonoPlayer, he's serenading you with promises of higher quality songs for people that wish they could fit a record player into their pocket. 

PonoMusic, the online music service with which PonoPlayer will operate, is Young's brainchild — the "Rockin' in the Free World" singer claims he talked to former Apple maven Steve Jobs about a likeminded audio service, and that this is the result of that brainstorming. And all of this at a reasonable... wait, $400? That sound quality had better be insane.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He think hi-fidelity music is useless when you are standing on a subway platform.