Beats By Dre, Pillows by Snarkitecture

It’s become kind of standard-issue news to hear that Beats By Dre’s collaborating with another hot rapper/producer/oontz-maker, but a design firm? Yep, that’s what’s up: the new, super-hot Beats are a collab with Snarkitecture, the Brooklyn-based firm that until now's been best known for...uh...having a totally awesome name.

Technically these new limited edition Beats are just the Beats Studio insides with a different color-scheme, sporting a matte white exterior (almost like an Apple product, coincidence?) with the iconic Beats logo subtly branded into the sides.

But the coolest addition is where Snarkitecture gets involved. It's an all-white “pillow” for them to rest on—one made of concrete, which weighs, like, an enormous amount but looks as comfy as memory foam. It’s a sweet, sweet display, especially if your home looks like something out of a Sonos ad. Just don’t accidentally use it to cushion your head. Ouch.

Jeff Miller is the senior city editor of Thrillist LA and that pillow is going to look really weird against his grandparents hand-me-down cabinets. He's on Twitter at @ThrillistLA and @jeffmillerla.