Introducing The Phantom 3: The Slickest Drone In The Skies

DJI's line of Phantom drones has become the golden standard in the rapidly emerging consumer market—creating drones with design vibes even Jony Ive can dig. 

And now, they've unleashed their greatest contribution yet to the unmanned skies, the Phantom 3—now with live video streaming options and a fully revamped camera, capable of capturing the exquisite beauty of mother nature, surveying your surrounding area, or visually documenting all the weird, private moments of your closest neighbors (the choice is yours!)

Just steer clear of the White House lawn...

Body-wise, the new Phantom hasn't been altered much (save for gilded accents, because gold), but with a new downward-facing camera, revamped recording, new live-streaming option (synched with YouTube), and the aforementioned power of a 4K camera (on the "Advanced" version, 1080p at 60 fps on the "Professional") this is a videographer's dream. The drone is expected to officially drop in the next few weeks, with the Pro version going for $999, and the Advanced retailing for $1,250. 

A picture can say a thousand words, but a drone-shot 4K video of a volcano can say 100 billion words. So, I'll shut up, and let you soak in the majesty of these incredible shots, from this world-class machine.