Google's New Calendar App Is A Perfectionist's Dream

With both Google Mail and Maps successfully keeping our lives in check, it's a surprise that the Google Calendar hasn't come out earlier—but it's here and it's glorious. Keeping in line with the company's mission statement of organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible, Google Calendar ups the game by laying out our schedules in a clean and aesthetically pleasing way.

The biggest change thus far is the addition of Schedule View, which adds accompanying photographs to each of your events to make scanning your schedule even easier.  

Along with Schedule View, you've got Assists, which auto-complete names and locations, allowing you to create new events with as few clicks as possible.

Calendar works directly with Gmail to ensure events like flights, hotels, and restaurant reservations are added to your schedule automatically.

It's the app we've all been waiting for, and the one thing that might finally put an end to flaky friends hellbent on putting off drinks.