Check Out These Leaked iPhone 6S Photos

Even though we're already daydreaming about the iPhone 7, that doesn't mean we aren't excited about the next device in the Apple line—the iPhone 6S—set to drop this September. The folks at 9to5Mac just posted some leaked photos of the new model, focusing on its exterior and one key internal addition.

The exterior design seems to be the exact same as the 6, with the same ports, holes, and features. The one big change we're seeing is with the internal mounting structure, which points to one thing: increased performance specs with new interior components. Within the interior is the brand spanking new Qualcomm-made LTE chip, which can theoretically double LTE download speeds from the chip found in the iPhone 6. Along with increased speeds, the chip should help extend the phone's battery life and prevent it from heating up during heavy data usage. 

The new iPhone might end up looking the same as the last, but like other 'S' models, it will likely represent a huge jump forward in performance and battery life. And you never know—maybe this is the mainline iPhone that'll finally give us more color choices. 

h/t 9to5Mac

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