There’s A New Netflix Coming And You’re Going To Love It

As if substituting Netflix for every other activity in the world weren't already an effortless task, Netflix is now testing a new user interface design to make binge-watching even easier. 


To select a show on Netflix's current design, users have to hover over a right or left arrow and sluggishly skim through titles. For the select few who've been granted access to the new interface, selecting a movie is as easy as clicking through selections—granting more speed over your perusing, and putting an end to those annoying misclicks.

In the new design, selecting a title doesn't direct you to a new page, but pulls down a box below, providing information on cast, episode, runtime, and other details. Though details on roll-out plans have yet to be confirmed, we're speculating that its success with the current testing pool will lead to a formal implementation in the very near future. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.