The iPhone 7 Is Going to Make Your Subway Commute So Much Worse

In case you haven’t heard (because your iPhone screen is shattered to the point where you literally cannot read words on it), Apple unveiled the latest iPhone today and OOOH BOOOY is it going to make riding the subway so much worse!

In addition to nixing the headphone jack, making the phone water-resistant, and adding a dual-lens camera, Apple announced the iPhone 7 will have two front-facing stereo speakers, which senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Shiller told Mashable will be twice as loud as the iPhone 6 Plus' speakers.

What does that mean for you? Well, If you enjoy having your 8am G-train ride scored by "Light It Up (Bodega Cats/Jonathan Franzen Extended Remix)" and would like to hear that twice as loud as you already do from the stranger sitting next to you, then this is going to be fun!! Otherwise, now seems like a good time to quit your job and give up on all other commitments that require travel so you never have to ride the subway again.

Here’s a magnified picture of the front-facing speakers so you can really get the idea of how truly terrible this is going to be. Enjoy!

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Lucy Meilus is Thrillist's New York Editor. She walks to work, but if she lived farther this would be a sound reason to quit. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram