You Can Now Cut the Cord and Watch Every NFL Game for $99

Labor Day has passed, summer is (unofficially) over, but that's just fine -- because now it's FOOTBALL SEASON. But if you've cut the cord and eliminated your monthly cable bill (as more and more people are doing these days), finding ways to watch your favorite NFL action at home can be a challenge. But today, the NFL has announced its own subscription streaming service, NFL Game Pass

For the $99 per-season fee, subscribers gain on-demand access to all 256 regular season NFL games across multiple devices, along with access to stream any game from the 2009 season onward. Along with streaming access to the games, the service will provide condensed, "coaches' film" versions, with angles that aren't available from the typical broadcast presentations, and shorten the typically three-hour long games to about 30 minutes of prime action.

Here's the one (big) catch behind all of this access: you can only stream the games after their broadcast. You'll have access to audio broadcast of live games, but until the playoffs and Super Bowl -- which will be available through the service live on-demand -- you'll have to wait to watch your favorite team, till immediately after the game ends. Despite this buzzkill (hey, they have to give the people some reason to drop money on regular cable/ satellite package) this is a huge step forward in terms of getting NFL games without a television provider. 

You can sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial to test out the service for the first week of the season, right now. No matter how you decide to watch, Happy Football Season!

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Much to his girlfriend's chagrin, he's ready to spend every single weekend from now through February watching football. Go Lords. 

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