Classic Nintendo Games Are (Finally) Coming To Your Smartphone

Is there anybody out there who doesn't have the warm, fuzzy memory of blasting their best frenemy with a red shell mere seconds before he/she crossed the checkered line in a path of blazing glory? Or drilling a debilitating callus into the apex of their palm trying to out-party all other Mario Partiers? The answer's a resounding "no."

After a lengthy holdout, and with much public outcry from diehard fans of the Big N, the Japanese gaming Godzilla has finally caved: Nintendo games are coming to your phone. It's on like Donkey Kong.

Nintendo announced this morning that their smartphone stalemate will officially come to an end and they'll begin developing smartphone-based games featuring their classic lineup of superstars. Meaning we can expect to see Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Link, and all the other members of the motley crew (that almost caused you to flunk grade school) on our phones in the near future.

Smartphone repair shops should expect an uptick in purposefully-smashed iPhones as well, especially if Nintendo decides to port Mario Kart (see above video).

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