Nissan Made A Desk That Warns You When Your Boss Is Coming

Published On 05/11/2015 Published On 05/11/2015
Nissan Workstation
Nissan Europe

Having a hard time living the cubicle life or struggling with your open office? Nissan Europe just released a video of a concept workstation that uses the in-car tech the automaker includes in the Qashqai (the rest of the world's equivalent of the Rogue) that'll make all of your work issues a thing of the past.

With Around View Monitor (AVM), Moving Object Detection (MOD), and Driver Attention Alert (DAA) integrated into the workstation, your boss will never sneak up on you scrolling through Supercompressor again.

Unfortunately at this point, the workstation is just a fun idea to show off the real world capabilities of the in-car tech, and there are no plans to make it a reality. But we can dream, right? Just don't do it at your desk at work.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Just so his boss knows, he's definitely not asleep at his desk right now. 



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