Turn Your iPhone Charger Into A Backup Battery

Find an iPhone user on the planet who hasn't had issues with their phone's ability to hold a charge, and you'll meet a liar. Fact is, Apple's signature device just isn't great at hanging in there all day long without a recharge. It's an issue the mobile tech company Nomad is addressing head on with their latest product, the NomadPlus, which transforms standard-issue Apple USB wall-charging hubs into portable, backup batteries.

The pocket-sized hub has an adapter-sized slot built into a 1500mAh backup battery pack that, when fully charged, provides enough juice to bring a dead phone back up to 70%. Of course, it also functions as a standard charger for when you do have access to a power outlet, bringing the phone to full power first before restoring the internal backup battery, whose power status is indicated by a built-in LED dial. Your move, Apple.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He has been known to throw a toddler-calibur tantrum every time his phone dies.