3D Printed Earbuds Will Actually Fit Your Ears

Published On 08/08/2014 Published On 08/08/2014

It seems that no matter how expensive or innovative earbuds get, they all still share a common flaw…they fall out. Well, the good people at Normal and their 3D printers have addressed the issue, offering customizable headphones that will dutifully stay where they belong. 

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Their free app will walk you through the process of photographing your ears, from which Normal will gather the exact specifications of each ear's unique shape. They also let you choose your cord color and length, and accent colors for the buds' hardware. Then they 3D print and assemble your fully personalized headphones right in their flagship store in Manhattan.

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If you aren't lucky enough to live in New York City (in which case you could go watch the whole process for yourself), fear not, because overnight shipping is included in the $199 price tag. Happy listening. 

Owen Melhado is an intern at Supercompressor. His current headphone situation is deplorable. 



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