Of Course Imogen Heap Made Spooky Musical Robot Gloves

Froofy British musician and dominator of every first-gen iPod during the summer of 2005, Imogen Heap, has hijacked the wearable tech scene with a Kickstarter campaign for the Mi.Mu Glove for Music — a pair of gloves that essentially lets you control sound with your hands. The gloves utilize the movements and postures of the hands and wirelessly sends messages to your computer that allows you to compose music through a flick of hand or the flex of a finger.

Heap explains that her desire for the gloves came about from her frustration of having her movements inhibited by computer screens, keyboards, knobs, and buttons during the music-making process. But with the Mi.Mu Glove and the power of gesticulation, she now literally has her hand in every aspect of making music. Not to make expansive blanket statements or anything... but passionate Italians are going to go wild for this thing. 

You can "teach" the gloves how to respond to your hand and finger movements with the accompanying software, which allows you to combine glove inputs and make more complex controls. So, theoretically, yes — you could make a whip crack sound by doing the whip crack movement. Wa-tsshhhh!

Jeremy Glass is not ashamed to admit that he had Hide and Seek on repeat for a full year. No wait... shame is exactly what he's feeling.