This Wireless Outdoor Sound System Is Completely Solar-Powered

Published On 03/20/2015 Published On 03/20/2015
om sound system
Om Sound System

Allowing you to rock out outside all day and all night without any battery-related tunage interruptions, the new Om Sound System is a series of wireless, ultra powerful, solar-powered speakers that can be tethered to one another to create a full audio any ecosystem that gets sunlight.

Om Sound System

The short and stout unassuming speakers come in a slew of colors and finishes, so as not to shout "Hey, look at me, I'm a brand-new gadget that looks totally out of place in nature!" They fit the part when it comes to heartiness, too, thanks to the weather-resistant engineering. Forgot to bring 'em back in during a vicious storm? They'll be just fine.

Plus, to keep you on your toes when the sun goes down, each one emits a warm twilight glow from three built-in LEDs.

Is it summer yet? 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor.



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