This Smart Shirt Will Help You Live Longer

Published On 03/17/2015 Published On 03/17/2015
OMsignal Wearable Smart Tech

Wearable fitness gear has hit an all-time fever pitch in recent months, with Fitbits, Nike FuelBands, and even the emerging Apple Watch helping us find new ways to implement technology onto our bodies and into our gym routines.  

OMsignal has decided to eschew the wrist and go straight for the chest with their new biometric smart shirt and accompanying app—designed to bring smart clothing to the athletic masses. If you are going to wear a shirt to work out, it might as well have a computer in it. 


This little black box clicks to your deliberately-crafted OM shirt to help track your heart rate, caloric intake, breath, steps, intensity of movement, and other biometric functions in conjunction with a sleek-looking smartphone app. 


The shirt's also equipped with a system of moisture management so you don't get too sweaty, odor control so you don't get too smelly, and compression factors to make sure all your blood is flowing to all the right places. 


OM focuses on in-gym action, but also gives you info on your activities outside of the fitness center, and helps you understand how your motion and breathing affect your workout and overall health, helping you maintain a more productive workout routine, and an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Which is everything you've ever wanted from a shirt, right?



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