These Tiny Gadgets Make Your Whole Kitchen Smart

Published On 04/07/2015 Published On 04/07/2015
New smart kitchen tech
Orange Chef

You might recognize the name from their successful Prep Pad sold at retailers like Williams-Sonoma, but now Orange Chef is setting their sights on total kitchen domination, from prep to finish. Working in conjunction with their past products, they're unleashing Countertop, a new line of integrated accessories, onto the market at a lowered pre-order price.

Their bottom line? Taking the guess work out of cooking once and for all.

Orange Chef

Orange Chef has always focused on partnering with quality brands, and their newest upgrades are no different. Pictured above is the adapter for a top-of-the-line Vitamix blender. One tiny clip on the bottom immediately connects it to the capabilities of the Countertop and accompanying app.

Orange Chef

Place your blender on the Countertop, and scroll through hundreds of recipe suggestions hand-selected for you based on your exercise and sleep levels that day. Orange Chef pairs with your fitness tracker to get your most up-to-date stats and recommends meals with the appropriate protein levels and nutrition.

The best part? You'll never mess up ingredients, because the Countertop and sensors will tell you exactly when to stop. And if you do go over, they'll recalculate and rescale the rest of the recipe.

Orange Chef

The sensor on Crock-Pots is so small you can barely see it—but just a slim sticker is enough to unlock a slew of features to optimize your slow-cooker eats.

Orange Chef

The Contertop is $99 during presale (and will jump to $199 in the fall), while the smart adapters are around $5-$15 per appliance, making it easy to integrate Orange Chef into your existing collection without shelling out big bucks for each purchase. 

Basically, you're out of excuses for not living up to your culinary potential.

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