This Futuristic Pod Is A Gymnasium For Your Mind

Published On 01/14/2015 Published On 01/14/2015

There's plenty of evidence to suggest the combination of staring at a screen all day and a failure to "unplug" after work is generally unhealthy. But, apart from throwing in the towel and retreating to some hermit-friendly off-the-grid cabin, what's the secret to staying sane and healthy in the digital age?

Soon, it could be as simple as popping into an Orrb machine a couple times a day and completely recharging your mind.

Lee McCormack

The stark white, five by seven-foot single-person retreat looks straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and comes equipped with screens and an immersive audio system designed to help you relax, regain focus, and enhance mental acumen. As its team of developers like to say, it's essentially a "gymnasium for the mind."

Depending on the particular deficiency you may be feeling at any given moment of the day, you'll be able to step away from your desk, settle in, shut the door, and queue up one of their proprietary software programs, which will be designed to target precise areas of stress.

Welcome to 2015, when machines meditate for  you.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. In all honesty, he would probably just fall asleep in one of these things.



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