These Modular Buttons Will Change The Way You Use Your Computer

The keyboard and mouse/trackpad combination has been around for a long time. It's tried and true, and it's a near perfect way to make your computer do just about anything—if that anything is basic computing and web browsing. If you're looking to flex your creative muscles, check out Palette, a newly funded Kickstarter success out to change the game and give creative control of the computer back to the user.

Palette is a fully customizable computer control system that can finally free creators from the shackles of the mouse and keyboard. For now, kits are aimed at photographers, designers, video editors, developers, musicians, and gamers. In each kit, you get dials, buttons, and sliders—which can all be assigned different tasks within your most important programs.

Just connect via USB port, set up your system, and get creating. Basic starter kits begin with one of each type of control square for $199 here, with Advanced and Professional kits with more bells and whistles at $299 and $499. 

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