The App to Justify Staring Into Your Phone At Parties

Admit it, when’s the last time you went to a party and didn’t immediately check your phone? Never? Yeah, us too. But now we have an excuse to do just this very thing and stay social! It's called Party Leaderboard, the app which harnesses the power of the iPhone—and our desire to compulsively check our phones during parties—to play drinking games. 

The bro-grammers behind this party app give a pretty clear description with this quote from their Kickstarter page: “It’s like Kings and Mario Party had a mutant baby, and that mutant baby got you drunk.” Uh…hooray for mutant babies? Hooray for mutant babies!

So here’s how it works: Party Leaderboard gives you the choice to “Throw a Party” or “Join a Party.” Once an invitation is sent and accepted, your friends can join a game and can play games together. They range from the classic like Never Have I Ever and trivia, to a new reflex-based game called "Swipes.”
While the app technically won’t get you and your friends off the phones, it will make your party the focal point of their attention, rather than the combined Instagram accounts of everyone’s “one that got away.” It’s like fighting fire with technologically advanced, iPhone-friendly fire. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and tries to avoid being stuck on his phone at parties by avoiding parties all together.