This Smartwatch Just Broke Every Record on Kickstarter

Published On 03/04/2015 Published On 03/04/2015

Move the hell over, potato salad guy, Pebble has officially annihilated the Kickstarter record at over $15 million dollars past its $500,000 goal. Pebble Time is officially happening and we couldn't be happier. This e-paper smartwatch is fully compatible with the 6,500+ Pebble apps and watch faces out there, and it'll last a staggering full seven day week on a single charge. 


So how smart is this thing? It's got voice recognition technology that allows users to respond to incoming notifications or take short voice notes, which just validated every sci-fi fan's/amateur spy's/Dick Tracy fanatic's dream of talking into their wrist. 


At 9.5mm, it's 20% thinner than the current Pebble model, which should quell your anxieties associated with wearing a bulky smartwatch. With a lens grafted from Gorilla Glass and a stainless steel bezel, this water-resistant watch can handle whatever you throw at it. 

Unlike past models, Pebble Time comes in a slew of glorious colors, which—proven by television and Gameboys—is a solid way to move product. The quick-release soft silicone bands are easily swappable and even customizable.

Your move, Apple. 



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