This Minimalist Aluminum Pencil is Sleek, Erasable

Published On 05/12/2015 Published On 05/12/2015

Imagine the classic wooden pencil repackaged in futuristic form, and you have the PENXO. Void of springs, buttons, or any mechanical parts, PENXO is a minimalist 2-millimeter lead holder pencil, designed with both your writing needs and minimalist tastes in mind. 


Harkening to the unibody shape of your childhood's writing tools, PENXO is constructed from a single block of aircraft-grade brushed aluminum. The pencil's single design flourish—the lead window gap—enables quick lead release with a simple push of the thumb. Just press between the gap to release the clamp, and lead slides in and out. The gap additionally functions as a lead monitor, letting you quickly check your lead usage, brand, and lead hardness labels. 


Available in silver, black, and gold, PENXO retails for $35 and, based on its sturdy aluminum construction, should last forever.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and misses back-to-school shopping. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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