This Minimalist Aluminum Pencil is Sleek, Erasable

Imagine the classic wooden pencil repackaged in futuristic form, and you have the PENXO. Void of springs, buttons, or any mechanical parts, PENXO is a minimalist 2-millimeter lead holder pencil, designed with both your writing needs and minimalist tastes in mind. 

Harkening to the unibody shape of your childhood's writing tools, PENXO is constructed from a single block of aircraft-grade brushed aluminum. The pencil's single design flourish—the lead window gap—enables quick lead release with a simple push of the thumb. Just press between the gap to release the clamp, and lead slides in and out. The gap additionally functions as a lead monitor, letting you quickly check your lead usage, brand, and lead hardness labels. 

Available in silver, black, and gold, PENXO retails for $35 and, based on its sturdy aluminum construction, should last forever.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and misses back-to-school shopping. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.