Video Games As Biblical Art

Sure, the Book of Genesis makes for a solid action movie — just ask Russell Crowe — but it makes even better fodder for art. Artist Dan Hernandez created Genesis, an art project infusing old school Sega Genesis games with biblical epics. The results are pretty stunning.

The mixed media pieces are composed from computer images transferred onto a physical surface, and resemble medieval tapestries or frescoes. 

The sidescrolling stunners are all on display at the Kim Foster Gallery in New York City. If you're a fan of both Jesus AND Streets Of Rage, you may have just found your new favorite artist.

Funny, I somehow don't remember the Halo dudes fighting the Mortal Kombat dudes from my torah studies, but I was probably busy playing Game Boy the whole time.

If Noah had dragon powers, I probably would have seen Noah this weekend.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He got a Game Boy emulator for his iPhone, and it's become a real problem.