Consider how far we've come. From joysticks to motion sensors, video game technology has progressed so rapidly in the last few decades that it's hard to remember the days where A, B, and up-down/left-right were your only options. Now look at us

To celebrate the evolution in gaming, Spanish graphic designer Javier Laspiur took it upon himself to create a photo series documenting what this development looked like from the player's point of view. Laspiur remembers the hilariously simply Teletenis black box with a single knob and the infrared-equipped (and accident-prone) Wii Remote; so many memorable and forgotten developments along the way, it's like watching a montage of dudes nerding-out in their parents' basements through history. 

All Other Photos: Javier Laspiur

It's oddly lacking PS4 and arguably the biggest gaming, well, game-changer of the last 20 years, Oculus Rift, but by the time he has a chance to get his hands on one of those, no doubt there will be an even more advanced system making a splash.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's never been much of a gamer, but plays a mean Mario Kart on Super Nintendo.



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