This Is The Smart Suitcase Of The Future

There was a time when we thought that the most advanced suitcase design out there was one that could turn a suitcase into a portable dresser. Then we got a load of this new age setup, appropriately called the Space Case 1. With all of its tech specs, it definitely lives up to its name—this is the type of luggage you'd expect to see the next time you catch a shuttle out of the spaceport.

The case looks like any other piece of luggage at first glance, but its seemingly endless list of features set it apart. It has a fingerprint reading security system, GPS tracking and proximity anti-theft capabilities via app, virtual concierge service, a Bluetooth speakerphone, digital self-scale, and—probably the most useful feature—a power bank with multiple USB ports. All of those features built into the polycarbonate shell, the lightest, most flexible, and most durable material on the market. 

Check out Space Case 1 on Kickstarter here if you're interested in upgrading to the proper type of luggage for the upcoming space age. Pledges starting at $299 will get you an early bird carry-on case, with larger rewards gifting larger contributions. Expect to see these in airports—and spaceports—everywhere starting in November 2015.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. 

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