5 keychain-sized gizmos to keep your phone from dying

As pathetic as it may be, we all know the anxiety of a dying phone battery all too well. But now it's easier than ever to juice up on the go thanks these new mini chargers you can conveniently stash on your person.

For the midday powerup:

Price: $25
This tiny rigid lightning cable looks right at home on your keychain, which as long as you’re not a total spaz means it should be easy to keep on you at all times. And it's sturdy enough to stand up to the in-and-out of pocket abuse like a typical housekey.

For the traveler:

Price: $14
As thin as the rigid Chargekey, you can either hang this guy on a keychain or stash it in your wallet. And it conveniently flexes and extends when unsnapped so you won’t be forced to position your devices awkwardly close together while juicing up. Bonus: It comes in micro USB and 30-pin versions.

For the style man:

Kyte & Key
Price: $70
If you're into mewelry, this one masquerades as a surprisingly stylish woven leather bracelet. Just unhinge the metal buckle, and it transforms into a lightning or micro USB to USB cord.

For the worker:

Swiss Army Charger
Price: $18
A little bulkier than the others (and unfortunately unable to sync data), this one wins for low price and versatility, compatible with mini, micro USBs and 30-pin. Perfect for keeping at the ready in the pen cup at your desk.

For the explorer:

Flex Pocket Charger
Price: $70
When you’re out on the trail or just not sure the next time you'll be around a power source, keep comfort knowing this backup battery is in your back pocket. It packs enough power to fully charge your iPhone 1.5 times.