Polaroid's New Camera Will Instantly Print Your Pics, Without Using Ink

If you're pining for the Polaroid days of yore, but can't let go of your crisp, digitally-stored iPhone shots, Polaroid's newest offering might be the solution to your analog/digital yearning. No shaking required (sorry Andre 3000).

Called the Snap, the new Instamatic will let you print photos on-the-go in three filter presets -- color, black and white, and Polaroid's classic bordered "vintage" -- using proprietary ink-free technology that uses heat to activate color crystals. To suit your social media needs, however, the 10 megapixel camera will also store your photos in a memory card, giving you the option of printing them in a higher resolution, or uploading them on your favorite photo-sharing app. 

The camera comes with a selfie timer -- because #2015 -- and if you want to share those social gems in real life, sticky ZINK paper makes it all the easier. It's kind of like Instagram, IRL.

The Millennial-friendly camera will be available later this year, and will retail for an easy $99.
Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and she wants this for Christmas (too soon?). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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