Put A Second Screen On The Back Of Your iPhone

Constantly turning on and off the backlit display of your phone to check a map or consult your schedule drains the battery at a mind-boggling rate, not to mention how annoying it is.

Here to put all of your pertinent information at your fingertips without sacrificing your phone's longevity is the successfully-funded Indiegogo project popSLATE: a case with an ePaper display on the back of your phone. 

The four-inch display shows a static image, which you can take with your camera or upload from existing images. popSLATE accesses your photos via Bluetooth, and ensures you'll never be rifling through the 10 Safari browsers you have open to find your boarding pass ever again.

The case can show your black and white pic of choice for up to a week before it needs charging, which you can do via micro USB.

Available in both black and white for iPhone 5/5s and now 6, you can pre-order yours now for $129 and eagerly await its arrival in February. 

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She would use hers to display a perpetual image of you. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.