This Case Turns Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera

Published On 01/29/2015 Published On 01/29/2015
Prynt case prints photos from your phone

In a world full of immediate gratification where you can get booze delivered at the touch of a button, or even program a machine to play fetch with your dog, it's almost a surprise it took this long to instantly print photos straight from your phone. But your Instagram dreams are about to become a realityā€”Prynt is here to rescue you from the perils of waiting for film to be developed. 


Prynt attaches to your phone with a dock at the bottom, allowing it access to your images. This way, you can print previously stored photos or snap a new one on the spot.


It holds 10 sheets of photo paper at a time, on which it will spit out your pics in seconds, like so: 


There're no cartridges needed; the custom paper has the ink already embedded. No need for WiFi, or even Bluetooth pairing either, since Prynt runs on its own battery.

Perhaps most impressive is the range of devices for which Prynt is outfitted. It'll work on iPhone models 5 through 6, as well as a number of Android options. And if you upgrade, you won't need to replace your whole caseā€”Prynt is modular, so you can simply switch out the dock component that affixes to your smartphone. The magic can all be yours by pledging $99 on their already-fully-funded Kickstarter.

And yes, of course you can add a filter.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Her selfie game is about to explode. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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