This Minimalist Cell Phone Will Force You Back Into The Real World

Having pocket computers that instantly connect online at all times is a technological achievement that should have brought about a new golden age. But in reality, it's proven to be completely unproductive. What's that? You do more than play Candy Crush on your iPhone?

Simply saying that is all well and good, but what were you up to for the last five hours while you were supposed to be working? That's what we thought. It's high time that some of us lose our smartphone privileges and go back to the basic brick cell phone, for productivity's sake. Luckily, minimalist tech outfitter Punkt. has made the perfect phone for the times: the MP 01 Mobile Phone

At first glance, The MP 01 may look like that old Nokia brick you had 10 years ago, but there's more than meets the eye going on underneath the simple facade. The sleek design came from renowned industrial designer Jasper Morrison, made of only the best high-tech materials and Gorilla Glass. The phone can make calls, text, keep a calendar, and act as an alarm—that's all. It does have Bluetooth, capability, but that's as high-tech as it gets.

Head to Punkt.'s site and sign up for their mailing list to be the first to know when the MP 01 will be available, and how much it will retail for. You should be weaning yourself off your mobile data life for a return to the dumbphone by the time it drops in 2016.

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