You Might (Finally) Be Able To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

We love our iPhones, but Lord only knows how many flimsy Lightning cords we've shredded in our rush to unplug on the move. One of the few legitimate knocks against the iPhone is its lack of wireless charging capability. The issue is the metal casing, used on every iPhone since the 4, which makes wireless charging as we know it extremely difficult. 

That's all could be changing with Qualcomm's new breakthrough, WiPower


This new tech's major distinction is its ability to charge items with metal backs, which it achieves through its use of Near Field Magnetic Resonance Technology, or as its more commonly known, magic. It also allows for the charging field to be extended, so you can charge multiple devices at once or set up the rig underneath your furniture and still be able to access its power.
While there's no information about whether Apple will actually jump onto this power train or not, the video above clearly shows an iPhone charging. Head to Qualcomm's WiPower page to check it out and request more information, and for updates on when the WiPower will be available to purchase.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he wants one of these docks in his life.

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