Meet Ray, Your Smart Touchscreen Remote Control

Published On 02/27/2015 Published On 02/27/2015

The remote control is a vital part of your television-watching experience, but it's extremely elusive by nature. However, despite the important role it plays in our lives, the design of the remote has only become more complicated and awful since 1950. Until now. Meet Ray, the easy-to-use smart remote you'll never want to lose under your couch. 


With one-touch technology and intuitive visual user interface befit of an Apple product, you can switch between Roku, Apple TV and any other inputs with ease.

Ray takes cues from the convenience of Netflix by allowing users to search for TV, movies, and specific genres by name and then presents the options on the screen of the remote itself. Tap the show you want to watch, then sit back and enjoy. It's that simple.

It remembers the shows you like, saves your preferences, alerts users when new shows are available, and makes a mean lasagna. That last one is a lie. For now.



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