This Case Will Boost Your iPhone's Signal

It's incredible how much you can accomplish with your iPhone. Book hotels, check vital signs, order dinner...find your next date by swiping right. It's all wonderful, but that mini computer in your pocket is only as powerful as the signal it gets, which for many of us is weaker than it could be.

Good news, though: these sleek cases promise to significantly improve your signal strength and banish slow downloads and dropped calls once and for all.

Reach79's drop-proof black covers fit over the 6 or 6+, and are specifically designed to maximize the signal strength from cell towers, something Apple still seems to struggle with despite having made them for eight years now. Each case is fitted with its own large gold-plated antenna, precisely engineered to direct the energy from the phone's internal antenna onto itself, thus expanding the physical coverage area by over 100%.

To prove they actually work, Reach conducted tests in a shielded anechoic chamber, with the phone placed in a hand and held up to an ear, and found that they're capable of improving signal strength five times higher than the average. Can't argue with science, man.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He wishes cell phone towers weren't so hideous.