Put A DSLR Sensor On Your iPhone

Published On 09/26/2014 Published On 09/26/2014
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No one has ever really complained about the iPhone's camera, which consistently leads the competition with image quality in a variety of settings from low-light photography to action shots. However, good as it is, it still isn't a "real" camera—at least, not usually. Addressing the photographic shortcomings of the iPhone, Relonch gives the iPhone a fat sensor, and you better pics.


After you slide your iPhone into the back of the Relonch device, your iPhone suddenly has an APS-C sensor—the same size as most DSLRs, and an ƒ/2 lens to go with it. As you take the pics, all the photos end up right on your Photo Roll and get synced to iCloud. Of course, many cameras already have smartphone compatibility like this, but this is an interesting solution. Unfortunately, the version of Relonch needs to match your iPhone, since it's also a case and snaps into your phone via the Lightning port.

As a bonus, Relonch has a battery that can charge your phone. We're not sure how many megapixels this thing puts out, or the sizes you could blow these images up to without losing too much quality, but they point out that most of our photography gets distilled to 640 x 640—for now. However, it's safe to assume it's a step up from your iPhone 5's 8-megapixel camera.

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