Badass Necklace Headphones From A Beats By Dre Co-Founder

Published On 09/10/2014 Published On 09/10/2014

Considering how frequently we're attached to our headphones—office, gym, well okay pretty much everywhere—it's increasingly important to find a pair that will jive as well at your desk as bouncing around on the elliptical. Oh, and sound good as hell doing so.

Such is the thinking behind ROAM Ropes, a new set of high-quality earbuds designed with all-day wearability in mind, from one of the dudes who helped launch the Beats empire alongside Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

Forget the days of being caught up in a nest of uncomfortable Apple-issued 'buds—these are meant to fit in seamlessly with your routine, resting like a necklace when not in use. And you'll never worry about a sudden movement ripping the cord out of your phone, either, since they're fully wireless, connecting to devices via Bluetooth. Not to mention, they look sexy as hell.

Though with a $300 price tag, you'll be expecting more than aesthetic and ergonomic prowess, i.e., kick-ass sound. It's engineered to deliver just that with features like built-in proprietary noise equalization tech and digital signal processing software, which help deliver full sound without being distracting. If you feel like further refining things, they can be paired with an app to switch between pre-loaded pre-sets for everything from classical to hip hop, and it allows you to manually manipulate a five band equalizer to build specific profiles.

It's even equipped with a jack splitter in the tech-packed battery pendant, should you feel like letting someone else in on the aural bliss. Though doing so with your workout buddy is just going to throw you the tangled cord disaster you were trying to avoid.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor. His ears have never fully recovered from the painful first-generation Apple earbuds. Thanks a lot, Steve.



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