The Laziest Toilet Paper App Ever

Published On 10/21/2014 Published On 10/21/2014
The laziest toilet paper app ever
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Some gadgets are invented out of necessity, solving problems you didn't even know you had. Others are invented to keep you from getting stuck up sh*t creek without a refill. Behold one of the latter, RollScout, the bathroom buddy that'll alert you when you're running low on toilet paper. Has it really come to this? 


It starts with their smart tech-enabled TP holder. The battery-operated wall mount is equipped with infrared sensors that detect when your most precious bathroom resource is running dangerously low. It then activates a "pulsing ring of amber light" to alert you. 


RollScout can be paired via texts or a corresponding app that'll notify you to stop being an underachieving procrastinator and take care of business before it's too late and you're living in a world of shame and regret. Which is exactly the type of world where an app like this exists.

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