This Tiny Button Makes It So Much Easier To Focus On Your Work

Whether you work in an open office, in a cubicle, or just about anywhere, it's tough to focus on what you're supposed to be doing. Right now, there are probably about 200 things that I could very easily focus on instead of working—all without leaving my desk—and they're all incredibly tempting. What we all need is something to keep us on task that isn't an overbearing supervisor or crazy, like electric shocks. Saent looks to finally get us to stop checking Facebook and get productive.

The device itself is a coaster-sized, Bluetooth-enabled button. When you need to buckle down, just give the button a pop and launch a focused work session for a set amount of time (because breaks SHOULD happen sometime), during which you won't be able to distract yourself with certain unproductive websites.


What sets this apart from other productivity tools is its specialized app, which tracks your activities, provides rewards, and lets you compete with coworkers and friends. Just what you need to get you to work—ruthless competition. The app is available without the button, but it'll cost you extra. 

Head here to support Saent's Indiegogo campaign and snag a device and early access to the app for $39. I'll be busy working, because if productivity is about to become a competition, I'm damn sure going to win. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He doesn't like losing. 

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