This App Will Save You From Drowning at The Beach

One of the cardinal rules of going out on the open water — whether it's sailing, surfing, snorkeling, or swimming — is to know what the hell you're doing, or at least bring someone who does. But just as important is understanding what exactly the conditions are. Now you can get all that critical intel and more on your phone in a flash thanks to SeaStatus — a brand new and free marine weather app.

Simply boot it up and you'll have access to intricately detailed maps of over 2,000 coastal locations in the U.S., a litany of realtime conditions (wind speed & direction, temp, sunrise/sunset), water data (swell height, direction, period, water temp, tide info), plus up-to-the-hour forecasts so you know if and when to pack it in.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. You should not let him captain your sailboat.