This App Turns All Of Your GoPro Footage Into A Ridiculous Montage

When it comes to outdoor adventure recording, there's no one that does it better than GoPro. No matter what type of crazy elements you throw at one of their cameras, you know you're going to come away with some amazing footage. But what happens to all that film once you're in from the trail, slopes, or waves? Shred, a new video editing app, takes hours of footage and condenses it into an action-packed video set to music—all in a few seconds. 

Since you've already put in the hours taking all your badass action footage, the app does everything else for you. Just drop in your video, upload a track from your music library, and let Shred get to work. The app's software can detect different visual cues from the video to create seamless action—matched perfectly to your tunes. And if there's anything you want to include manually, you can still jump in and take control.

The app itself is free, although Shred does charge a per video fee with different purchase options available. All in all, it's a small price to pay for perfectly edited montages of your adventures. Head here if you're a Mac user to download it yourself.

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