Shure's New Tiny Microphones Up Sound Quality, Shrink In Size

You already have 8.1-million high-quality pixels, full 1080p HD video, and pretty soon, you'll have the power of 4K recording in your pocket. But what's missing from this equation? Sound.

Stepping in is Shure, masters of the stage mic ubiquitously used by all the rock gods in the pantheon, with their new Motiv digital series. These mini-microphones aim to take the lag out of pocket sound recording technology.

MV88 - $149
Connecting to any iOS device, this little plug-and-play microphone can stick straight out for audio-only recording or swivel 90-degrees for better video sound, like a little shotgun mic. If you use the Shure app, you can utilize its presets for individual instruments to tailor your sound.

MV51 - $199
A little more intense (it's not connected to a smartphone), the large-diaphragm MV51 condenser mic offers a headphone output for better monitoring, an adjustable dial, and on-board controls. It's also compatible with normal mic stands, and you can hook it up to a computer or your phone.

MV5 - $99
Much like the classic snowball mics used by many a podcaster, Shure's MV5 condenser mic is perfect for podcasting, upping your video chat game, or recording your music demos. It's compatible with Android, iOS, and your computer.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor who used to do a lot of audio recording and editing. Follow him on Instagram.