This Organically Designed Solar Panel Will Lower Your Energy Bill

Published On 05/06/2015 Published On 05/06/2015
smartflower POP
smartflower POP

If you don't feel like you have enough eco-friendly products in your life, the smartflower POP mini solar panel provides yet another uber-convenient way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

smartflower POP

This plug-and-play alternative to a rooftop system harnesses solar power via an "astronomical control system," moving horizontally and vertically to capture sunlight during the entire course of the day. One year of smartflower POP electricity will give you around 4.000 kWh, or, the "average complete annual consumption of a central European household." This is probably a tenth of an American household, but it's better than nothing.

The flower is also self-cleaning—ridding itself of dust and snow deposits by folding and unfolding itself—and self-cooling, meaning the most work you'll put into this system is in its initial set-up. 

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