Spend 20 Days With a Complete Stranger

MIT Media Lab’s Playful Systems group have developed an app called 20 Day Stranger that pairs two people from opposite sides of the earth together for twenty days. Without divulging the name of the person you're paired with, the app updates you with details of their day as it happens in real time. It's like Chatroulette, except with way less inappropriate nudity. 

When they wake up, where they walk to, when they're driving, and even the weather around them — 20 Day Stranger gives you a window into someone else's day to day life. By utilizing the iPhone's GPS features, the person on each end of the world has to do very little to signal when their activities start and stop.

A shake of the iPhone will tell you when your stranger is awake and screenshots from Google Maps will give you an idea of their surroundings. It's complete intimate anonymity. At the end of the twenty days, you're allowed to send a message to your stranger, where you then have the choice to disclose your name and make a new pal — or keep your identity a mystery.

Jeremy Glass hopes to participate in 20 Day Stranger, because he is always in need of more best buds.