This New App Makes Shopping As Easy As Browsing Instagram

While your bank account may suggest otherwise, online shopping isn't as simple as it could be. In fact, browsing your favorite brands' e-commerce sites for new stuff you actually want to buy is often much less convenient than just walking into a brick and mortar store and looking around. But if Spring has its way, you'll soon be able to browse and buy new gear from all your favorite brands with a single swipe on your phone. 

Launching today, Spring is a free new platform that allows users to "follow" their favorite brands—much like on Instagram—to discover their newest and coolest offerings. Browse through the feed, click and buy in one seamless move, and all without ever having to re-enter your card info. It's like browsing everyones' New Arrivals section in one fell swoop.

We sat down with Spring for a preview last week, and they revealed that they've already partnered with hundreds of world-class labels, including everyone from Alternative Apparel to Vilbrequin—all of whom will be able to use the platform to highlight not just new stuff, but whatever merch they want.

For example, if Rag & Bone is releasing a limited edition collection, they could use the app to announce the drop, giving Spring users an edge over the less-connected crowds. Or if Steven Alan is re-releasing a wildly popular discontinued item, they could offer first dibs on Spring. 

And if you're looking for something particular, like a new dress shirt or pair of sneaks, it's simple to filter the feed so you can get down to business faster.

Just remember, now that revamping your whole wardrobe is a simple as swiping your finger, it might be wise to keep your phone out of reach at happy hour.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and he owns a smartphone, because he is "with it".