This Website Lets You Easily Book Major Stadium Luxury Boxes With Your Buddies

If you've been fortunate enough to enjoy a game from box seats, then you already know what a glorious free-booze-filled and catered snack-packed haven it can be. However, without the fat stacks big corporations drop to reserve them for years on end, your chances of getting in there for a game you actually want to see are as good as your relationship with your friend's friend's friend, whose Dad, like, runs Wells Fargo.

That is, until now, thanks to SuiteHop, who are making it easier than ever to rent entire luxury boxes on-demand for a single game or concert.

You can browse by sport, team, or artist to see what suites are open and available for a given game or performance. Then click through to see how many regular and barstool seats come with it, and request to book it immediately. Sellers can also offer individual extra seats to fill up their suites, which are cheaper but come with the caveat that you may be seated or hanging with strangers the entire time. Then again, there are worse ways to make new friends than huddled in comfort around free food and drinks.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and firmly believes catered food tastes better than any other.