Perfectly cooked steak at the push of a button

Published On 10/11/2013 Published On 10/11/2013

The ultimate crutch for lazy carnivores, T-Fal's new $180 Optigrill uses precision grillling tech to automatically cook anything from steak to sandwiches for you to perfection, like a George Foreman that went through culinary school. Simply let it know what you're placing on it (sausage, poultry, burgers, a panini, etc.), and it will detect its thickness using a built-in sensor, letting you know the level of doneness as it cooks via a glowing color wheel so you can pull it off at just the right moment according to your preference. And to keep you on your toes while you're waiting, each time it reaches a new tier — from rare to well-done — it will announce as much with a beep.